The results…

It has taken me a little bit to be able to post about this… but here it is. 

 Our experience while we were away was like none we’ve ever been through. Regional Fertility Clinic is the most professional, welcoming clinic we’ve experienced in our long fertility journey. Unfortunately we didn’t get the results we were hoping for this time but have set up the next steps and will be moving forward. 

Thank you so much for all your prayers & support during this time. We couldn’t have done it without knowing you had our backs!

I have been slowing working back into full time at the salon, but am booking 2 weeks in advance right now. If you need an appointment, call the salon today to set up your next cut/colour. Just a heads up that Jessica will be leaving the salon, her last day isn’t set yet, but it is the end of June. 

Thanks in advance for your patience πŸ˜‰

… Now we are going to use our energy in planning our 10 year anniversary party and celebrate! 😎

Are you sick of waiting…?


We won’t have any forsure answers for a few more weeks. πŸ˜•

For me, this waiting is taking longer than the time I was away!!

We are back in Abbotsford now 😝 I am going back to work this week but I’ve been told by my specialists that if I work part time or less I can go back to work. So for the month of June I will be working 2-3 hours a day and will slowly work up to part time until they give me the clear. 

These hormones are INSANE… trust me, it’s better this way πŸ€“

Thanks so much for your continued prayer and support. We are so grateful for your ❀️ 

Embabies are 5 days old

We are so excited!! Our Embryologist call us this morning to let us know that we still have 8 embabies ☺️ A few of them are over 60 cells and growing strong. Tomorrow we we will find out how many will be frozen. We have prayed our hearts out and will continue to do so for them at this stage. 

Stay tuned… hope that the suspense isn’t too much for you 😜

Day 1 after Egg Retrieval

Our Embryologist call this am with fantastic news!! They have done conventional IVF in our case, which we couldn’t be more excited about!! If you don’t know what that is… here’s a bit of TMI. They put my 11 retrieved eggs into a Petri dish with Rich’s sample (which was retrieved at the same time) and left them overnight. The next morning when they looked 8 eggs had fertilized!! So we have 8 embabies πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ 😝



Well… that was fun! Haha

If you don’t know what egg retrieval is… I’ll save that one for google!

Things went really well and they retrieved 11 eggs… 8 are mature 😳


Stay tuned for more good news in the days to come 😊


Rich & I had a bet going as we drove into my appointment today.

Rich thought that I’d have to do 1 more day of injections…

I am so over doing stims that I knew I would be done and that our Doc would set up my egg retrieval day…

who do you think was right this time…?!?

Ding ding ding ding… I WAS!!!

From what my doctor could see she counted 9 mature eggs on both sides & 7 sm/medium. She was very happy with my ultrasound & blood work!!! Phew

So my egg retrieval is booked for Monday at 9:00am, which is 8:00 your time (Abbotsford)

**prayer request**

that my egg retrieval & our fertilization goes smoothly tomorrow. I feel like we are almost through the woods!

Stay tuned for stats on what we’re working with… we should have embabies by Tuesday morning 😊 πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ 😝

Stims Day 11… (Fri May 5)

I’ve been a few days behind posting. oops!

Right now we are waiting for our names to be called to have brunch @ Diner Delux… have you ever been there? If not it’s a MUST when you come to Calgary.

Friday was the 1st appointment with our doctor since I’ve been here. It was so refreshing to see her. I think she’s my lucky charm… she found my left ovary and also noticed that I have 2 more 🍳 than last time!!! This was such great/comforting news… not going to lie it was tough to control the emotions πŸ€“

She booked me in again tomorrow, Saturday for another ultrasound & bloodwork. We’re getting really close to the measurements she looking for. Fingers crossed that tomorrow will be my last day of stims πŸ˜‹

Stims… Day 8.Β 

I had my 3rd ultrasound yesterday. The most painful experience I’ve had during this journey so far.  There isnt much skin left on Rich’s hand 😬  

Things on my right side are looking great!! The doctor counted 8 follicles with 🍳 that are almost the size they need to retrieve 😝 They also said that my uterus lining is exactly what they want (.8 T3) 😎

Unfortunately my left side is really hard for them to see… it has decided to hide behind my uterus πŸ˜–  on the day of egg retrieval they will do what they can to retrieve the 6 from my left side but they aren’t very hopeful. 

My next ultrasound is tomorrow (Friday am) we’re πŸ™πŸΌ that the left side shows up and that the sizes are similar to the right side. 

**prayer request**

For my left side ovary to show up tomorrow am. My nurse said that she has seen the 🍳 plump up and drop the ovary in time for retrival day. Yesterday was a super tough day for me, please pray for strength/patience through the process… I’m almost there! 

The pic below is of all my injections from the past 8 days. Without these I wouldn’t have the strong 🍳 I have today. ($2500 of meds were used in this pic 😳 I used up all the ones they send and had to purchase more yesterday to complete the cycle)